Where are you from and what do you do?
I’m from a little town on the Isle of Wight called Sandown, as the name suggests it’s next to the beach & is gorgeous in the summer! I’m an Art teacher, I’ve worked in a variety of different schools in The Netherlands, Midlands & now in Cambridgeshire. I love my job as no day is the same & working with kids always keeps you on your toes! I enjoy teaching teenagers as they get sarcasm & my rather dry (at times rubbish) humour!

So you’ve travelled around a bit? Where haven’t you been that you would really like to go to?
Umm, how long have you got?! There’s too many places that all appeal for different reasons but here are my top 3 of the moment; 1. Tuscany, Italy…if you’ve ever seen the film ‘Stealing Beauty’ that made me dream of going one day! 2. Jamaica; to visit the home of Reggae & sit underneath a palm tree, eat some real jerk kitchen & eat all the tropical fruit I can get my hands on! 3. New England in autumn to celebrate Halloween US style & see all the gorgeous autumn leaves on the trees!

Good choices! So let’s say you got to go to those places but you could only take three things, what would they be?

1. A long piece of fabric to wear as; scarf, towel, dress, skirt, top! 2. MP3; because there is never a not good time for music! 3. My camera…so I would get to experience my trips again when I got home, a picture is worth a 1000 words right?

Do you have a life motto?

Hmm…I have a photo frame from my friend which reads… ‘She believed she could…so she did’.

How did you hear about the Ladybirds?

I heard about the Ladybirds when I turned up at a couple of swishes last year & got talking to Lucy & Sophie, they told me to pop along. My first meeting was the self defence class – loved it! And everyone was so welcoming, so I couldn’t stay away.

Lastly, what do you like most about being a Ladybird?

Most like…friendships, feeling part of a community that’s all about believing in and doing stuff that’s important; crafting, caking & campaigning! Not to mention the brilliant insights I’ve gained into all sorts of random topics from Bees, Bikes & professions that I would never have gotten to experience otherwise!

Thanks Karina, and Happy New Year!

Karina, Dec 2015

December’s Member of the Month is the wonderful Karina.