Food Bank Meeting

The Cambridge Ladybirds wish to extend a warm thanks to Barbara Kettel from the Cambridge City Food Bank for her extremely informative talk on the dire need for food donations.

Ms. Kettel spoke at length about the wide gap between income levels in Cambridge and how – despite our city’s illustrious appearances – there is a great deal of poverty and many and varied food crises issues.

Her talk energized our group – especially in light of the possible forthcoming national WI resolution regarding food waste – and several members expressed an interest in developing an ongoing relationship with the food bank. Preliminary plans are underway to put our cooking skills to the challenge of developing beginner-friendly recipes with standard food box staples, as well as conducting a collection at every meeting.

To illustrate the difference we can make, look at how much food was collected from just this one meeting:

food bank donations

The committee will address incorporating regular donations into our meetings at the next committee meeting, but until we have something official, do please start making a habit of checking the Cambridge City Foodbank’s current list of most-needed items (it changes as they process what donations come in) and bring something to each Ladybird meeting in the future. The Friends Meeting Place where we hold our meetings has a handy donation bin in the foyer by the door, so we’ll be able to easily contribute on an ongoing basis.

Another event at our May meeting was talking about our twinned group in Rothbury, Northumberland. The wonderful WI ladies of Rothbury sent us a series of letters, photos, and postcards and our members were delighted to read them. We’re keen to think of fun and creative ways to respond to our new Rothbury friends, so if you have suggestions please bring them up at our next meeting or use our contact form.

ladies at table

Members reading the Rothbury postcards and other WI materials during our meeting tea break.

Our next meeting is June 21st featuring The Rocking Raw Chef doing a raw food preparation demo and Q&A. For more information on this and future meetings, please see our programme page.

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