Merry Christmas from the Ladybirds!

December 2015

A Christmas party isn’t a Christmas party without a bit of dressing up. But forget Christmas jumpers, deely boppers or that little black dress; to celebrate 100 years of the WI we donned outfits from the last century of fashion.  And didn’t we look good?  With a variety of costumes from 1915 right through to the modern day we represented WI members from throughout our glorious history.

centenary christmas

We played a game of ‘Who Am I?’ featuring the names of inspirational women, and had a good old chat whilst enjoying a delicious bring-and-share buffet. Choccy toffee pots, a variety of cheeses, savoury puffs, cheese stars, a bit more cheese and a sensational lemon cake were just a few of the temptations on offer (sorry, did I mention the cheese?!).

We can’t wait for 2016!  If you think you might like to join us next year why not get in touch at

A very Merry Christmas to all our members and visitors, and to our WI sisters everywhere!  See you next year!

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