Rocking Raw Chef Brought On The Tasty Laughs

We had a fab June meeting with the Rocking Raw Chef Barbara Fernandez! She sang and danced and introduced us to several of her delicious recipes complete with samples for all.

Rocking Raw Chef

Barbara rocking her spiralizer to make fresh courgette noodles for the audience.

She showed us how to get around the overly complicated recipes one often finds associated with raw foods and get fresh, healthy food on our tables fast.

Ruth 1

It’s all in the technique.

We were all very impressed with the length of the courgette noodles!

Jo 1

Jo kept pulling and more noodle kept unraveling…

Jenny 1

That’s just one noodle!

And what do WI ladies do with very long string-like objects? We adopt them for our other crafts, of course.

Jenny 2

Crocheted courgette is sure to be 2016’s greatest crossover trend!

Ruth 2

Nom all the crochet!

A big thank you to Barbara for such a joyous and delicious evening and for introducing us to so many new ideas and shall we say exotic spices? Yes. Exotic.

You can find Barbara too around Cambridge at her pop up dinners or book her for a class or to cater your next event.

We also voted that the Cambridge City Food Bank will be this year’s focus charity, and members brought more food to donate which we placed in the basket in the lobby of the Friends’ House where we meet. So it was a great night all about positive food options for everyone.

Next meeting: Hedgehog Hospital!

Photos by Melanie Reed and Kimberly Chapman.

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