Singing with High Five

High Five

High Five, a capella quintet, came to raise the roof for us at this months meeting. Peggy, Janet, Liz, Jeanette and Rachel are a local group who sing beautifully in the old American barbershop style. They consist of 2 lead melodies, a bass and above the melody a tenor. Flitting between is the baritone.

We began with a wonderful showcase from the ladies including ‘putting on the ritz’ and ‘sentimental journey’. Then we got involved! They warmed us up with ‘My Bonnie lies over the Ocean’ and ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ and before we knew it we were singing a harmonious in the round version of ‘Let’s go fly a Kite’! Further songs from the ladies included ‘Dream a little Dream’ and many others. It was a fantastic evening that lifted the spirits.

If you enjoyed it or are interested in finding out more please contact Barbara-Ann Patterson at

We also had stunning handmade cards from Lucy on sale with 50% going to LadyBird funds, and ladybird mirrors and cases thanks to Gill.

Lucy's cards

If you are interested in selling something crafty and donating a small portion to LadyBirds funds to help us afford more fantastic speakers, please contact Alana.

mirror cases

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