WI Resolution 2014

The WI usually have a joint Resolution that all WI’s support in a united fashion. We don’t have to support it if we don’t agree to as a group, but it is offered as a choice. This year the resolution is on Organ Donation.

Each day three people in the UK die in need of a transplant. There are simply not enough donated organs. Unfortunately, many people who support organ donation and that want to be a donor if and when they can, don’t tell their families that they have joined the NHS Organ Donor Register. NHS Blood and Transplant believes that if more people have a conversation with their loved ones to make their wishes known, families will find it less difficult to agree to donation when they are approached about doing so. Although the current law does not give families a right to overrule someone’s wishes around organ donation made in life, in practice, clinicians and donation staff would not go ahead with donation if a family cannot support it.

The WI Resolution this year is to encourage everyone to make sure that not only have they registered for organ donation but that they have discussed their decision with close family and friends. The LadyBirds voted at the May meeting and it was a solid vote to support the Resolution. For further information please visit http://www.organdonation.nhs.uk:8001

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