Stephanie, Jan 2015

Hi Stephanie!

Happy New Year Stephanie, please describe yourself in a nutshell

(I hate questions like this!) Well I am a mum, a cook and I am crafty, sociable and outgoing.

Describe a ‘normal’ day for you

(laughs) Once the children are at school I might go cycling, throw some pots at regular pottery class and I am a keen swimmer so may head to the pool. I also do some part time consultancy work for my husband which keeps me occupied. The days are quite short!


What is your food heaven?

Roast Chicken


What is your food hell?


Turnips…..(pause) and offal. I can’t abide the thought of offal!

If you could surround yourself with only one colour, what would it be?


Green. I am Irish after all!


Lastly, why did you join the Ladybirds?


I wanted to learn new things and being very keen on making things/crafts and baking it seemed like the place to be.

Our first featured Ladybird for 2015 is the lovely Stephanie!